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Recommended poker rooms

The following are a list of major online poker rooms recommended by KLSpoker.com.

There are a few things worth considering when choosing a poker room. Do not be too bothered about sign up bonuses as these will matter little in the long run. Poker new player bonuses are available at practically all online rooms. Our advice is to use these free chips to try out the poker room, or better still just play on the free tables. Player numbers, player types, poker software, on-going bonuses, tournament specials etc should all be factored in when choosing a room.

Each room will have its own software interface. Choose one that you like. The best one is a matter of personal preference. This is important if you are going to be playing for long periods.

Work out whether you like the types of people that are in the poker room. Different poker rooms attract different people. If you are a chatty type person you may want to play in a room where people are open to conversation.

Think of the skill level of the people in the room. Some rooms attract more skilful players than others. If you are continually losing in one room, try a different room to see if you can out smart those players.

Look out for the percentage the house takes out of the pot (known as the rake). The lower the rake the better. This is difficult to work out at a normal table so check out the entrance fees for sit and go tables. The lower the entrance fee is the lower the rake is likely to be. TO make money consistently you need not only beat the other players but also beat the rake.

Start on tables which suit your blind level. Tables with small blinds attract weaker players so you scope to bluff will be less.


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